Victoria Smith Interiors – Interior Designer Portland Maine – Tel: 207-865-6609

Since launching her design business in 1991, Vicky Smith has followed the simple philosophy that good design focuses solely on her clients’ unique needs. Successful design is a collaborative problem-solving process between designer and client. It demands practiced listening skills and a realistic approach that considers the chosen lifestyles of clients and their families. The goal is an elegant, stylish home that’s also a functional and comfortable refuge. Our objective is that each project reflect the individual character, taste, and interests of the client.

Our customers include first-time homebuyers and experienced homeowners accomplished in business and the arts and sciences. We design for an extensive range of interiors and styles for both primary and second homes, from new construction to large renovations. We’ve completed projects in the metropolitan New York, Boston, and Atlanta areas, and in Dallas, Montana, and Maine. References and customer testimonials provided upon request.

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