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An Option For Going Green

An Option For Going Green

[ Blog, Green - POSTED: October 1, 2010 ]

For Sustainable Design: An Option for “Going Green”

“Going green” is the new buzzword being thrown around in every corner of the business, from home furniture products to design materials. It seems like everyone has slapped the green label on their products, often in what’s just a thinly veiled attempt to get you to go out and buy more.

Why not go green by the adage “less is more?” Try to find creative ways to use what you already own and love. Get rid of the clutter that hides the good stuff. Using what you own is green—it avoids burning fuel for transport, and you’re not using any resources beyond what you already have.

More is not always better—it can be wasteful. Just because you have the monetary resources to buy something, ask yourself—is it necessary? By the time most people have the discretionary income to hire a designer, they’ve already accumulated a lot of stuff. Establishing goals, sorting through what you already have, and finding the courage to pitch, recycle, or give away items lets you and your designer work together to simplify your home and your way of life.

If you still want to buy, consider this—buy less, but buy better. Be selective, and buy the very best you can afford. You’ll only scream once when you go top-notch, and it will still be around long after you are.

Taking less action—just one way to go green.

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